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Forensic Studies

Audubon Building Consultants provides both plaintiff and defense attorneys with professional litigation and remediation services through our sister company Audubon Consulting, Inc.  that include:


  • Project Neutral

  • Contract Compliance Review

  • Standard of Care Evaluation

  • Roofing and Building Envelope Investigations

  • Photo / Video documentation

  • Construction Defect and Damage Mapping

  • Interactive Digital Reports

  • Final repair evaluation Reports

  • Delay Claim and Schedule nalysis 

  • Constructability and Cost Analysis

  • Expert witness services

  • Exhibit preparation (Models. Visuals, PowerPoint, and Construction Mockups)

If you’re an attorney with cases involving standards of care issues, construction defects, building codes, slips and falls and , you need a litigation consultant and expert witness who will help you make the best possible case for your side, whether you’re prosecuting or defending. 


Neal Johnson AIA, architect and Jerry Householder P.E. PhD engineer and contractor, are expert witness and litigation consultants with extensive experience and a deep knowledge of all aspects of construction and building codes and design.  With their more than 40 years designing and building a broad array of residential, commercial and industrial projects, they provide complete case support to attorneys, insurance companies, property owners, and contractors. 


Neal and Jerry provide expert support on cases that run the gamut — from typical to extraordinary.


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