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 Architectural/Engineering Consulting Services

Audubon's deliverables use a combination of strong and knowledgeable technical writing with detailed and concise graphics to clearly illustrate omissions or errors. The intent is to thoroughly and accurately document conditions so that the problem(s) can be identified and promptly addressed. A thorough understanding of the problem(s) is paramount in developing a strong conclusion and recommendations.


Our building envelope experience includes Forensic Investigations, Facility Survey/Assessment, Leak Detection/Documentation, Detail Development, Technical Specifications, Document Quality Control, Code Compliance, Construction Administration, Project Closeout, and Warranty Claim Resolution.


Field services typically include photographing all observed deficiencies and documenting non- conformances/deficiencies. Our experience allows us to find not only the obvious deficiencies, but also the ‘not-so-obvious’ which could eventually cause significant problems and even premature failure.


Phase 1 services


Building Envelope Design

Design Peer Review

Pre-design consulting

Design Peer Review

Product/materials research

Detail Development

Technical Specifications,

Document Quality Control

Code Compliance

Phase 2 services

Construction Services

Construction Management

Construction Oversight

Field Inspections

Field Quality Control Testing

Leak Detection

Phase 3 services

Post Occupancy

Project Closeout


Warranty Claim Resolution

Expert Witness

Forensic Investigations

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